Base Building



The tenant must employ a qualified professional structural engineer registered to practice in the Province of Manitoba to prepare its structural design and working drawings when the base building structure is in any way affected.


Work affecting Landlord's structure 

Landlord's Structural System:

  • Steel structure: steel columns, joists and deck;
  • Concrete floor: slab on grade and in some locations structural slab.

Tenant's Responsibility:

  • General:
    • Protection of the building structure is the responsibility of the tenant.
    • No alterations or unusual loads affecting floors, columns, roof or walls will be permitted without prior written approval of the Landlord.
    • The Landlord may require review by the base building structural engineer which will be undertaken at the tenant's expense.
    • Approval by the Landlord does not in any way absolve the tenant or its contractor from assuming full responsibility for damage incurred.
  • Roof:
    • No cutting by the Tenant for any penetrations will be permitted. Make arrangements with Landlord for roof penetrations which will be undertaken by the Landlord’s contractor at the Tenant’s expense.
    • Roof-mounted equipment to be installed on platforms or curbs which will be constructed by the Landlord’s contractor at the Tenant’s expense.
  • Floor Slabs (cutting/coring):
    • Slabs on Grade:
      • No cutting, coring or trenching may be performed without the consent of the Landlord;
      • The Contractor must have scans taken to verify that no existing services/conditions will be affected by floor cuts and these must be forwarded to the Operations Manager for review.
    • Structural Slabs:
      • No cutting, coring or trenching may be performed by the tenant;
      • If absolutely required, study must be undertaken by the Landlord's structural engineer at the tenant's expense.
  • Steel Deck:
    • Suspension of any element from the steel deck is strictly forbidden.

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(updated October 2016)