Base Building



In general: concrete floor (slab on grade or structural slab), steel columns, steel and deck.


Building Design Summary

  • Major Occupancy: E
  • One-storey, sprinklered
  • Building construction: non-combustible



Landlord's Elements:

  • Mall Ceiling:
    • Gypsum board, paint finish, colour white.
    • Acoustic tile inserts, colour white.
    • Skylights (aluminium with blue tint glass).
  • Mall Bulkhead:
    • Gypsum board, white paint finish.
  • Mall Flooring:
    • Landlord carried this item in stock. Please contact Tenant Coordinator to purchase.
    • Mall grout is Mapei #09 - Grey
  • Mall Demising Caps:
    • Must reflect one tenant’s storefront finish to the lease line of the adjacent tenant.
    • Please call Tenant Coordinator or Landlord’s Architect for clarity.
  • Demising Walls:
    • At adjacent tenants:
      • Gypsum wallboard on steel studs, non-rated, usually extending to underside of steel deck.
      • Openings must be provided and maintained for circulation of return air where required.
    • At Exit Corridors:
      • Rated fire separation.
      • St. Vital Centre has two Exit Corridors: one next to London Drugs and the other next to Walmart.
    • At Mall Corridor (considered "Public Corridors"):
      • Non-rated fire separation.

Tenant's Responsibilities:

  • Mall Flooring:
    • Extend mall flooring to tenant closure line minimum at tenant's expense.
  • Mall Demising Caps:
    • Existing demising cap to be demolished
    • New cap to be squared off and tenant’s finish to wrap around entire cap to neighboring tenant
  • Demising Walls:
    • ‚ÄčAt adjacent tenants:
      • As required, repair/reinstate.
      • If demising walls extend to underside of deck, provide openings for return air where required to suit mechanical design.
    • At Exit Corridors:
      • If the tenant space is located adjacent to any of these corridors (one next to London Drugs and the other next to Walmart) contact the Landlord's consultant responsible for review of tenant's drawing submission for more information.
    • At Mall Corridor (considered "Public Corridors"):
      • Ensure non-rated fire separation is fully intact and repair/reinstate as required.
      • Doors onto the Mall Corridor must to be hollow metal with pressed steel frame equipped with lockset and door closer. Inset doors within tenant space so that door swing is clear of corridor width. 
  • Access Panels:
    • Provide access panels of suitable size to allow servicing of all Landlord and tenant equipment and facilities;
    • Note: there is one existing smoke duct detector (red box) attached to the main return air duct at the base of each HVAC unit, that must be inspected yearly by the Landlord; these boxes must remain fully accessible at all times for inspection.


Other features

  • Large skylights in most locations
  • Food Hall designed in Arts and Crafts style


Work affecting Landlord elements

  • For any architectural elements that come in contact with or affect Landlord's Structural components, refer to Structural Systems.
  • Steel deck:
    • Nothing is to be hung from steel deck, including suspension system for acoustic tile.
  • Demising caps and Landlord Bulkhead:
    • Must reflect one tenant’s storefront finish to the lease line of the adjacent tenant;
  • Fire separations:
    • Maintain integrity and repair as required.
  • Smoke Barrier:
    • There is a smoke barrier at the storefront that runs from mall ceiling to underside of steel deck; repair and reinstate as required across full storefront.
  • Doors:
    • At most tenant spaces service/egress doors are provided by the Landlord; repair or replace doors and frames as required and match specifications of existing doors and frames; doors must be equipped with heavy duty commercial grade door closer and latching; repaint to Landlord colour and specifications.


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(updated November 2018)