The following is required and must be approved by the Landlord before construction can begin on any project in St Vital Centre.

Permits and Insurance:

  • Clearance from WCB.
  • Proof of Insurance coverage: Commercial general liability insurance against personal and bodily injury including death and property damage in an amount not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence.
  • Your insurance policy must name Cushman and Wakefield Asset Services Inc., OPB Realty Inc. and St. Vital Centre as additionally insureds and the following as the certificate holder: OPB Realty Inc., c/o 1225 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5E5
  • Fire and standard extended coverage endorsement perils against water damage however caused.
  • Business interruption insurance, including loss of profits.
  • Occupational Heath and Safety Concurrence form must be signed and dated (available at our office)
  • A designated substances survey must be completed. Contact: Pinchin Environmental at 204.452.0983 or AMEC Earth and Environmental at 204.488.2997
  • A copy of the building permit or application for same delivered to our office.


Mandatory Trades

  • The following are mandatory trades for St. Vital Centre.
    • Sprinklers, Vipond 204 783-2420
    • Fire alarm, Bison 204-237-3473
    • Electrical outside of premise, Wes Can, Pat 204 479-3739
    • Air balancing Air Movement, 204 233-7456
    • HVAC controls, Black and McDonald 204 786-5667



Any questions should be directed to:

Don Lombaert
Operations Manager
Ph. 204 258-7022
Fax 204 257-2311


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(updated April 2010)