Contact St. Vital Centre Administration Office

Mailing Address:
86-1225 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 5E5

For Information call 204.257.5646

If you are trying to reach Customer Service or Administration Staff, please contact us via email at
For individual store numbers, check the store directories here.

Behind Closed Doors tickets are still available until 6pm November 17 at Customer Service!

Management Office
Ph: 204.257.4449
Fx: 204.257.2311

Security Office
Ph: 204.258.7036

General Manager
Cheryl Mazur
Ph: 204.258.7020

Operations Manager/ Construction Manager
Don Lombaert
Ph: 204.258.7022

Marketing Director/Specialty Leasing Manager
Cindy Shack
Ph: 204.258.7025

Retail Manager
Kyle Waterman
Ph: 204.258.7024

Security Manager
Robert Crawford
Ph: 204.258.7023

Marketing/Specialty Leasing Coordinator
Melissa Marlatt
Ph: 204.258.7021

Corporate Customer Service Training Manager
Roxanne Liivamägi
Ph: 204.258-7030

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