Customer Service

We're here to help! Visit Customer Service near London Drugs, or call us at 204.257.5646.

Coin Counter 

Goodbye change, hello Giftcard! Save your pennies, check your couch cushions, raid your piggy banks! Use our coin counter, located at Customer Service, to turn your loose change into a St. Vital Centre Giftcard. Our coin counter service is offered free of charge.


Free Wi-Fi 

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout St. Vital Centre. Look for the network name "St. Vital WIFI" on your phone, tablet, or other Wi-Fi-capable device to connect!



Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located adjacent to the Food Hall, next to Tim Hortons. 

Wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and folding carts are available and free for customer use. Please see Customer Service.

Blind or visually impaired customers can request a guide to stores or pick-up destinations, and assistance with purchases. Contact our Corporate Customer Service Training Manager at 204.258.7030 or to book this service. Please allow a minimum 7-day notice, or 14-day notice during the holiday season. 


Family-friendly Features  

Our family washroom and baby-changing area is located adjacent to the Food Hall, next to Tim Hortons.

Self-serve stroller rental is located near Dental Image. Single and double strollers are available; rental fees apply.


Kids Club  

St. Vital Centre is home to a free club for children 10 and under! Learn more about contests, events, and discounts exclusive to Kids Club members here.


St. Vital Centre Giftcards  

Get the perfect gift for someone special! St. Vital Centre Giftcards have no fees, and are a convenient way to shop at most of our retailers. Learn more about our Giftcard program here


Mall Walking – Safe, Warm, and Free!  

Doors open for Mall Walking at 7:00 am Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am on Sunday.  Ask us for your map of the shopping centre indicating the distance around the facility.


Club 55 – The Good Life!  

Enjoy the benefits of Club 55! The first Tuesday of each month is Senior's Day for Club 55 members. If you are 55 years of age or older, stop by Customer Service to register at no cost.


Auto Assistance 

We’ll give your car a boost, or even help you find your “misplaced” car (it happens, and don’t worry – Customer Service is a judgment-free zone!). Contact Customer Service for help.


Other Services

Faxing: That's right – we still have a fax machine! Per-page rates below include GST, and are cash only. 

  • Local: $1
  • Long Distance: $2
  • Overseas: $3.50
  • Incoming: $1

Postage stamps: Canadian stamps are available for purchase at Customer Service. Cash only, please.   

Lost & Found: Visit us at Customer Service or call 204.257.5646. Items are kept for 30 days before being donated to charity.  

Paging: In case of an emergency such as a lost child, we are able to make a Centre-wide announcement on your behalf. Please visit us at Customer Service to request this service. 

Transit Schedules: View transit schedules at Customer Service. The Transit Information Board across from Dental Image also lists bus schedules for the surrounding area.  

Tourist Information: Customer Service Representatives are happy to answer your questions, point you in the right direction, or suggest things to do during your visit to Winnipeg! 


Security and First Aid

The St. Vital Centre Security Hotline is 204.791.9479. 

St. Vital Centre features interior and exterior closed circuit television monitoring, 24-hour foot patrols, security vehicle patrols, and bike patrols (weather permitting). If you require a Security escort to your vehicle, please contact Customer Service. 

All Security officers are trained in first aid. If you require immediate medical assistance, contact Customer Service for help.

We have a mobile defibrillator on-site.