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Boes Ltd.

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Phone: 204-255-2955
Unit 0060
1225 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 5E5

Boes offers current fashion handbags, accessories and jewellery by international name brand and Canadian designers. New fashions and styles arriving regularly.

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  • - Visa
  • - Debit
  • - St.Vital Giftcard
  • - Mastercard
  • - Cash
  • - Storebrand Giftcard
  • - Amex

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  • The landlord reserves the right to add or amend information in this manual and the tenant must abide by these changes upon notification.
  • Tenant must engage professionals in the fields of design, engineering and contracting. The selected firms are subject to approval by the landlord.
  • As per the following, the tenant must:
    • Provide a high quality, well-detailed environment. Fixtures must be new and of high quality.
    • Read all conditions in this document in conjunction with the Tenant Outline Drawings which together form the Tenant Design Criteria.
    • Ensure that all aspects of the design and construction of tenant spaces meet the requirements of all applicable building codes, bylaws and regulations.
    • Exterior signs are not permitted unless approved by Landlord.
    • Meet "Environmental Green" requirements. Refer to the "Environmental Green" document on the St. Vital Centre website. This program outlines requirements for: construction materials, products and procedures, waste water reduction and construction waste diversion. It also details the requirements for an Indoor Air Quality Management Plan to be undertaken at time of construction and pre-occupancy.


The Design Control Zone is the volume within a tenant space extending from line of maximum storefront projection to a depth of six feet, full height, full width. Refer to drawing: building components by landlord, in this document. All aspects of design within the Design Control Zone are subject to approval by the Landlord.

Design Concept:

  • The concept is to present a mandatory openness to a height of twelve feet.
  • At least half of the storefront width must be open or provided with clear glazing to a height of twelve feet, however an open unglazed storefront must not exceed 60% of the store frontage.

Design Details

  • Storefront must incorporate three-dimensional elements.
  • Pockets for storefront closure systems must be integrated in the overall design.
  • Signage must be integrated in the overall design. Refer to sign criteria in this document.
  • Refer to storefront design example drawings in this document.
  • The leaseline is the line of maximum storefront projection of any element. There can be no exception as this is a fire safety requirement satisfying the Mall’s smoke evacuation system.

Storefront Closure

Acceptable closure systems:

  • Swinging doors must be held in the open position by specialized hardware and must not swing beyond the leaseline.
  • Aluminium sliding or rolling grilles must be fully concealed during business hours within an enclosure that is well-integrated in the overall storefront design concept.
    • Enclosure door must be equipped with magnetic catch, concealed hinges and recessed pull.
    • Overhead track must be recessed.
  • Sliding glass doors must be fully concealed during business hours within an enclosure that is well-integrated in the overall storefront design concept.
    • Overhead track and floor track must both be fully recessed.

Storefront Materials:

  • Use only high quality materials.

Acceptable materials: ceramic/porcelain tile, slate, granite, limestone, marble, solid wood with natural finishes, metal and glass.

Not permitted: slatwall, vinyl wall covering, painted drywall, plastic laminate, wood veneer and mirror.

Materials in Design Control Zone

Walls: do not use any slatwall.

Ceiling: do not use acoustic tile.

Storefront Signage

  • One sign/logo maximum is permitted within the Design Control Zone:
  • Letters must, be three-dimensional and be individual letters made of glass, plastic, solid wood or metal, either illuminated from within or backlit.
  • Letters maximum height: sixteen inches.
  • Not permitted: box signs or exposed neon.
  • Locate signage such that no part extends beyond the leaseline:
  • Mounting/suspension materials and methods are subject to approval by Landlord.
  • Tenant’s electrical contractor to provide feed from the Tenant’s panel.
  • Installation must be by licensed contractor.
  • Conceal from view all fasteners, electrical conduit, transformers, other related equipment suppliers decals/stickers, etc.
  • Sign permit must be obtained as required by local governing authorities.

Graphic "Lifestyle" Posters

Graphic “lifestyle” posters are discouraged within the Design Control Zone and will only be considered if they meet the following:

  • Content is subject to review and approval by Landlord.
  • Name of Tenant must not appear on poster.
  • Sales are not to be advertised on the poster.
  • Back lighting of poster is required.
  • Mount in a housing that is fully recessed (surface mounting is not acceptable).


General Requirements

Access Panels:

Provide in order to access all Tenant and Landlord mechanical and electrical equipment and fixtures where servicing may be required.

Backroom Areas:

(Storage Rooms, Stock Rooms, Staff Offices and Staff Washrooms) Conceal view from merchandising areas to back rooms by offsetting doors.

Food Services Tenants:

Comply with “City of Winnipeg Environmental Health Services Construction & Design Criteria Food Service Establishment By-law, Retail Food Store By-law;” Contact: Environmental Health Services, phone: (204) 986-2443, fax: (204) 986-3238.

Design Details

Floor and base finish:

Public Access Areas (Merchandising Areas, Change Rooms):
Acceptable materials for both flooring and base: ceramic/porcelain tile, slate, granite, limestone and hardwood. At the Storefront:

  • Base Building Mall flooring (at the Tenant’s expense) must be extended at least to the Tenant closure line. Coordinate with Landlord.
  • Floor base must be of durable materials such as ceramic tile, stone or metal (wood, laminates, rubber/vinyl are not acceptable.

Ancillary Spaces
Use only new, durable materials at areas not accessed by the public including Backroom Storage Areas, Stock Rooms, and Offices.

Acceptable materials: only ceramic tile flooring and base, or heat-welded commercial-grade resilient sheet flooring with integral cove base.

Wall Finish

Public Access Areas (Merchandising Areas, Change Rooms)

  • Slatwall is not permitted unless it is well integrated in an overall design concept that organizes merchandise in a clean, orderly fashion with panels not exceeding 5’-0” in width.
  • Slatwall is not permitted in the Design Control Zone.

Ancillary Spaces
Areas not accessed by the public including Backroom Storage Areas, Stock Rooms, Washrooms and Offices are to receive new finishes.

Ceiling Finish

Public Access Areas (Merchandising Areas, Change Rooms)
Acceptable materials: painted drywall, acoustic tile (higher grade only complete with recessed T-bar suspension grid) and open ceiling (in this last case, all elements including structural, mechanical and electrical) must be painted by the Tenant).

Ancillary Spaces
Backroom Storage Areas, Stock Rooms, Offices and Staff Washrooms are to receive new finishes.


  • Lighting must be glare-free.
  • Use only incandescent or metal halide. Fluorescent is acceptable only if concealed from view or equipped with three-inch deep parabolic louvres.
  • Do not use neon lighting.
  • Fixtures must be of commercial grade only.

Security of premises:

  • Tenant is fully responsible for security of the premises.
  • Security systems and shoplifting detection devices must be located on the Tenant side of the closure line, provided with fully concealed wiring and be integrated within the storefront design.
  • Free-standing tower systems are not acceptable.
  • Indicate location, size and appearance on the design submission.

4. Drawings

You can click here to download these design specs as an Adobe PDF file.

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