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Phone: 204-256-4298
Unit 0707K
1225 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 5E5

Mobility, Koodo Style Koodo has one goal- to redefine mobility. Other wireless providers have Canadians paying for extra fluff like movies, video calling and satelite radio. Here at Koodo, we're back to basics. Which means you only pay for what you actually use. (Imagine that.) And unlike most other wireless providers, Koodo has no excess fees. In other words, we don't make you pay an activation fee in-store or online and you pay no System Access Fee (that one's on us.) Plus, we have great plans to fit every budget. Sound like we're speaking your language? The check Koodo out. There are no fixed-term contracts to sign, so you've got nothing to lose. But trust us, once you Koodo, you never go back.


-Windows Operated Phones, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Blackberry, Apple (IOS), Apple and Android (IOS-

return/exchange policy

Koodo Mobile offers a 14 day money back guarantee on your mobile phone. You'll get whatever you paid for your phone back no questions asked. However, any other charges you incur are your responsibility.

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1. General Requirements

  • The landlord reserves the right to add or to amend information in this manual and the tenant must abide by these changes upon notification.
  • Tenant must engage professionals in the fields of design, engineering and contracting. The selected firms are subject to approval by the landlord.
  • Provide a high quality, well-detailed environment. Fixtures and fittings must be new and of high quality.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the design and construction of tenant spaces meet the requirements of all applicable building codes, bylaws and regulations.
  • Exterior signs are not permitted unless approved by Landlord.

2. Design Criteria General

The presentation of design elements, equipment and other products within the kiosk should be carefully considered.

All aspects of Tenant presentation are subject to the Landlord's approval.


  • The maximum permitted size of the kiosk is 8'-0" wide x 15'-0" long (maximum area 150 square feet);
  • No projections beyond this footprint (shelves, countertops, legs, equipment, fittings etc.);


  • The kiosk must be low profile;
  • Must not block view across mall to surrounding tenant storefronts and signs;
  • An elevated pilon is permitted for tenant signage;
  • Canopies are not acceptable.


  • No exposed backside of equipment is allowed at the serving counter.
  • Cash stations must be recessed and fully integrated into the counter design;

Acceptable finishes: high quality, durable monolithic material such as stone, Corian, stainless steel or laminated glass;
Not permitted: plastic laminate, veneers.

Kiosk Unit(s) / Showcases:

  • Showcases to be lit internally;
  • Corners and bottom edges to be protected (metal trims are suggested);
  • Acceptable finishes: luminous or translucent materials, laminated glass, other high quality and durable material;
  • Not permitted: Paint, wallcovering, plastic laminate, melamine, wood veneer, other veneers

Base Material: (at kickspace)

  • Must require minimum maintenance;
  • Adhesive fastening not acceptable;
  • Must be durable enough to withstand use of by commercial floor cleaning equipment;
  • Kiosks must not be supported on legs;

Acceptable materials: hard, durable materials securely fastened to kiosk structure such as porcelain floor tile, heavy gauge stainless steel mechanically fastened;
Not permitted: plastic laminate, melamine, veneer products, thin gauge metal, rubber base, paint.

Gate Access:

  • Gate must be swing type and must meet all requirements of the Building Code;
  • Gate must not swing into the mall;
  • Must be well integrated in the overall counter design;


  • Also refer to "Servicing";

Acceptable finishes: existing mall tile, other commercial high grade materials subject to review on submission of samples;
Not permitted: vinyl tile, resilient sheet flooring.

Product Merchandising and Equipment:

  • Manufacturer/ contractor labels must not be exposed to public view;
  • Products must be presented in a well-organized fashion with;
  • Merchandise must be displayed on fixtures that complement the kiosk design;
  • Details of merchandise display are subject to Landlord approval and therefore must be submitted for review;
  • Cash registers and other miscellaneous equipment which back onto public view must be recessed into counters;
  • Chairs/stools placed outside of the allowable kiosk footprint area are not acceptable; if within the footprint area, submit complete details for review.

Closure Systems:

  • Security is the responsibility of the tenant;
  • Merchandise should be stored within the kiosk by:
  • Lockable counter units;
  • Roll top counters;
  • Photo-electrical beam security systems; built-in lockable storage areas;
  • Cash drawers should be fully secured or removable for safekeeping;
  • Other closure systems may be considered providing they are fully stored away from view during operating hours; materials and finish would also be subject to Landlord approval;
  • Fabric curtain/drapery type closure systems are not permitted

Tenant Sign:

  • Temporary signage, whether it is the Tenant’s brand or third party advertising is strictly forbidden;
  • Tenants are permitted one sign/logo; sign may be two-sided; a City of Winnipeg sign permit is required;
  • In some cases, if low profile and smaller in size, two signs will be considered;
  • Sign must be proportionate in size to the kiosk;
  • Sign may be illuminated (with concealed light source) or non-illuminated;
  • Signs must be three-dimensional, individual letters only;
  • Poster boards are subject to approval; they must be well integrated in the overall kiosk design;
  • Electrical must be entirely concealed;

Acceptable materials: plastic face or metal channel with back halo lighting, metal individual letters;
Not permitted: sign boxes, illuminated canopy signs, exposed neon, painted signs.


  • On kiosk face or pylon mounting.


  • The Landlord has provided general illumination in the mall around each kiosk;
  • Tenant lighting of kiosk must comply with the following:
  • Fixtures to be of commercial grade only;
  • Lighting to be glare-free;
  • Use only incandescent or halogen;
  • Fluorescent fixtures and exposed neon are not permitted;

Mounting: keep in mind kiosk must be low profile;
Acceptable mounting:

  • Concealed within showcases;
  • Single pylon;
  • Concealed lighting within sign;

Not permitted:

  • Lighting must not be attached to or powered from mall ceiling;
  • Numerous pylons;
  • Track supported lighting;
  • Numerous exposed fixtures;
  • Flood type lighting of sign.


  • Refer to "Structural Systems", Item "Floor Slabs: (cutting and coring)" for required procedures and reinstate mall floor tile;
  • It is acceptable to build a raised platform over the mall tile within the footprint of the kiosk providing design and construction of platform and ramp access meet the requirements of all applicable building codes; be responsible for damage to mall tile floor finish;
  • Platform must be finished in acceptable floor finish materials.

You can click here to download these design specs as an Adobe PDF file.

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