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Tim Hortons

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Phone: 204-257-4683
Unit FC10
1225 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB
R2M 5E5

You’ve always got time for Tim Hortons. Stop by soon for a cup of premium blended coffee and a fresh baked treat. They also serve up soup and sandwiches for lunch.

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1. General Requirement

  • The landlord reserves the right to add or to amend information in this manual and the tenant must abide by these changes upon notification.
  • Tenant must engage professionals in the fields of design, engineering and contracting. The selected firms are subject to approval by the landlord.
  • Provide a high quality, well-detailed environment. Fixtures must be new and of high quality.
  • Read all conditions in this document in conjunction with the Tenant Outline Drawings which together form the Tenant Design Criteria.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the design and construction of tenant spaces meet the requirements of all applicable building codes, bylaws and regulations.
  • Exterior signs are not permitted unless approved by Landlord.


  • Existing Floor Construction:
  • Floors are concrete - in some locations slab-on-grade and in other locations structural slab;
  • All required servicing that may require floor cutting, trenching or coring must be reviewed and coordinated with the Landlord at the preliminary design stage;
  • In locations where there is structural slab, the Landlord's structural engineer must be involved at the tenant's expense in order to avoid damage to the structure.

2. Design Control Zone

The Design Control Zone is the volume within the tenant space that extends from line of maximum storefront projection to wall separating the display/serving area from back of house functions.

Within the Design Control Zone, all aspects of Tenant presentation to the Mall are subject to the Landlord's approval; in addition, the Tenant's complete store design is subject to the Landlord's approval.

The presentation of design elements, equipment and other products within the storefront area should be carefully considered.

Mandatory Storefront Bulkhead:

  • A bulkhead across the full width of the tenant space at the lease line and extending from mall bulkhead/ceiling down to 8’-0” above finished floor is mandatory (see drawings for profile);
  • Must incorporate three-dimensional elements, tenant signage and related lighting;
  • Acceptable finishes: ceramic tile or similar high quality and durable material; special high grade coatings may be approved by Landlord upon submission of sample;
  • Not permitted: Regular paint, wallcovering, melamine and plastic laminate.

Visual Separation:

  • Mandatory separation is required between back of house area and display/serving area, with self-closing doors required at openings;
  • Messy preparation areas, three-compartment sinks, storage of supplies, raw materials and boxes must be housed in the back area;
  • Only equipment suitable for public view may be located in the display/serving area; location of equipment is subject to Landlord approval;

Feature Wall:

  • The feature wall is a full height wall separating display/serving area from back of house functions;
  • Use wall as a large scale graphic element;
  • Upper part of wall must be back-sloped to shape indicated (refer to drawings);
  • Fully integrate menu boards, preferably flush mounted;
  • Acceptable finishes: ceramic tile or similar high quality and durable material;
  • Not permitted: Paint, wallcovering, melamine and plastic laminate.

Serving Counter:

  • Counters may vary in configuration;
  • Refer to drawings for maximum and minimum heights.

Counter Front:

  • Gate: except for tenant spaces adjacent to a Mall Corridor, tenant’s must include a swinging gate as a means of egress meeting all requirements of the Building Code;
  • Gate must not swing into the mall;
  • Must be well integrated in the overall counter design, located on left side;
  • Hinges must be concealed;
  • Note: where a tenant space is located adjacent to a Mall Corridor, a gate is not permitted. Access and egress must be by a door to the Corridor;
  • Tenants must use either luminous or translucent materials back-lit on their counter fronts; photos illustrate possible solutions;

Acceptable finishes: luminous or translucent materials are mandatory (see: for examples of translucent panels) and may be combined with tile or similar high quality and durable material;

Not permitted: Paint, wallcovering and plastic laminate are not acceptable finishes.


  • No exposed backside of equipment is allowed at the serving counter;
  • Cash stations must be recessed and fully integrated into the counter design;
  • Tray storage, cutlery, condiment and napkin dispensers must be fully recessed into the countertop;
  • Self-serve drink dispensers are not permitted on the serving counter;
  • Acceptable finishes: high quality, durable monolithic material such as stone, corian, stainless steel or laminated glass;
  • Not permitted: plastic laminate and melamine.


  • Locate behind the vertical surface of the counter front;
  • Must not double as counter;
  • Construct showcases with Landlord approved materials and illuminate internally.


  • Food and drink supplier names/logos are not permitted to be displayed on any equipment, dispenser or refrigerator in the storefront area where exposed to public view;
  • Manufacturer/contractor labels must not be exposed to public view.

Storefront Closure:

  • Metal grille if required, must be located beyond the extent of the Landlord slate demising cap and must be stored in a pocket enclosure.

Sign Criteria

  • Food and drink supplier names/logos are not permitted to be displayed on any signage or menu board located in the storefront area where exposed to public view;


Temporary/permanent signage whether it is the Tenant’s brand or third party advertising is strictly forbidden on the serving counter and on the slate demising cap and wall return.

Tenant Sign:

  • Tenants are permitted one sign;
  • Other graphic elements mounted within the bulkhead are encouraged, preferably three-dimensional elements;
  • Mount sign on storefront bulkhead sign panel described above (see drawings); a City of Winnipeg sign permit is required.
  • Sign must be illuminated, individual letters;
  • Height of letters must not exceed 1’-4” high;
  • Electrical must be entirely concealed;
  • Acceptable materials: plastic face or metal channel with back halo lighting;
  • Not permitted: sign boxes, exposed neon.

Menu Boards:

  • May be illuminated or non-illuminated;
  • Mount on “Feature Wall”, preferably flush.


  • No exposed gas lines;
  • No exposed conduits;
  • Do not locate handwash sink, paper towel and soap dispenser on serving counter or on demising cap slate side wall returns.

3. Design Control Zone- Materials

All materials must meet the requirements of City of Winnipeg Environmental Health Services.

Flooring and base:

  • Acceptable finishes: tile or similar high quality, durable and washable material;
  • Not permitted: Vinyl tile, rubber base.

Extend mall floor tile finish to the base of tenant counter at the Tenant’s expense; coordinate with Landlord;

Demising Cap and Wall Return Finish:

  • When slate demising cap and wall return are not already in place:
  • Remove and salvage “Formglas” demising cap for future use; turn over to Landlord;
  • Extend new demising cap beyond Lease Line (see drawing for extent);
  • Remove existing gypsum wallboard at demising cap and wall return indicated, up to 4’-0” from finished floor; replace by taped cement board substrate;
  • Provide new slate finish (see drawings).

Slate finish specifications:

  • Slate tile by New England Slate Ltd., distributed by Olympia
  • Colour: to match existing,
  • Sizes: height 3” to 12” and width 3” to 12”
  • Thickness: 3/8”; joints: 3/16”
  • Thinset mortar: “Kerabond” mixed to manufacturer’s specification with “Keralastic”
  • Grout: water-resistant type by “Flextile”

Side Walls:

  • Extend finishes to slate face of demising wall;
  • Displays, signs, fixtures and fitting (temporary and permanent) are not permitted on the slate clad portion of the demising walls;
  • If damaged or affected by tenant’s renovations, the existing slate finish at the demising cap and return at the demising wall is to be repaired/reinstated by the tenant;
  • Acceptable finishes: tile or similar high quality washable and durable material;
  • Not permitted: Paint, wallcovering and plastic laminate.


  • Must be minimum 12'-0" high;
  • Gypsum board, paint finish;
  • Provide access panels as required.

4. Design Control Zone - Lighting

Feature Lighting:

  • The Landlord, at the tenant’s expense, is providing a decorative light fixture on the face of each demising cap; if already in place, clean and repair as required;
  • The Landlord, at the tenant’s expense, is providing two recessed adjustable metal halide downlights, fixture type: Lightolier PB3H3070, in the ceiling just within the tenant’s space (refer to drawings); if already in place, clean and repair as required.

Tenant Lighting:

  • Fixtures to be of commercial grade only;
  • Lighting to be glare-free;
  • Use only incandescent or metal halide;
  • Fluorescent fixtures are discouraged and may be considered only if concealed from view;
  • Neon lighting is not acceptable.

5. City of Winnipeg Food Service Establishment Regulations

Meet all City of Winnipeg requirements, regulations and by-laws with respect to construction, materials, finishes, equipment acceptability and installation.

The following documents are available from The City of Winnipeg, Community Services Department, Environmental Health Services (telephone: 986-2443)

Food Service Establishment By-law No. 5160/89
Construction and Design Criteria Food Service Establishment By-law No. 5160/89
Retail Food Store By-law 3897/85 (if applicable)

6. Drawings

You can click here to download these design specs as an Adobe PDF file.

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